7th Italian Betta Show - 10-12 june 2016 - Ranco (VA) IBC

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7th Italian Betta Show - 10-12 june 2016 - Ranco (VA) IBC

Příspěvekod Roberto Silverii » úte dub 12, 2016 6:59 pm

Italian Betta Association is proud to invite you all to the 7th Italian Betta Show!


Italian Betta Show is the first Betta Championship sanctioned by the IBC ever organized in Italy. This year we would be very happy to celebrate with you all its 7th edition!

The show will be held in Ranco (VA) like in the past editions, in the beautiful greenhouse of Azienda Agricola Robustelli, on the east shore of Maggiore Lake.
The location is really beautiful and very suitable for spending also a holiday.

In the previous editions we had a great partecipations from breeders all over Europe and Asia too!

1st Italian Betta Show: 308 show Bettas by 26 different breeders from 9 different countries; 11 wildform Betta species
2nd Italian Betta Show: 228 show Bettas by 32 different breeders from 10 different countries; 12 wildform Betta species
3rd Italian Betta Show: 280 show Bettas by 34 different breeders from 10 different countries; 12 wildform Betta species
4th Italian Betta Show: 178 show Bettas by 28 different breeders from 7 different countries; 12 wildform Betta species
5th Italian Betta Show: 343 show Betta by 46 different breeder from 15 different countries; 14 wildform Bettas and other labirynth fishes
6th Italian Betta Show: 300 show Betta by 41 different breeder from 11 different countries; 10 wildform Bettas and other labirynth fishes

..we hope those breeders will confirm their participation and that even more will come to our show!
As usually we will also show wildform Betta species in biotope tanks and have a big part of the show dedicated to the didactics about Bettas with couple of conferences (Italian and English language).

The judging board this year will be lead by the first Italian Main Judge Alberto Montalbetti!

In the dedicated website http://www.bettashow.it *online in the next few days* (italian and english language, click on the flag top-right) you can find:


If you want to send your fishes please feel free to contact me here or via email info@aibetta.it so we can work out a solution!

So..what are you waiting for? We're looking forward to see you all in Ranco! :best:
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